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Intermediate Algebra Activities

 (these were developed by Shawna, Brenda, Cindy, Alia, Cesar and Suzanne)
Some are similar versions as instructors tweaked them a little. Most have pdfs but also include editable documents as well.

If any instructors have other activities they have developed, please share by sending to and I will post them.


Intro to MyMathLab    editable

Linear Functions Lab (Instructor adds linear functions with groups of 3 having same slope but different y intercepts)   editable

Absolute Value and Inequalities Lab
     PowerPoint 1    PowerPoint 2    (referred to in lab)    editable

Linear Modeling Lab Project Prep 

Factoring Lab

Long Division Lab

Fractions Lab 

Linear Programming Lab Project Prep

Radical Lab

Complex Numbers Lab

Graphing Parabolas and Transformations

Quadratic Activity

Rational Expressions

Exponential Rules & Graphing Radicals

Simplifying Radicals

Radical Equations

Skid Marks and Radicals Lab


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