Real World Application Scenarios 


Video Showing Components of a Problem Module

Problem Scenario Videos -
Please click on the links below to watch the brief problem scenario videos created for Problem-Motivated Calculus.  These problems are vague by design as after watching, students brainstorm on what they know about this type of problem and what kind of data they'd need to gather before solving this problem.

Calculus I

Calculus II

Utah Lake
Shattering Glass
Frontrunner 1
Bungee Jumper
Heart Attack Response Time
Best Seat
Rock Concert
Frontrunner 2
Roller Coaster
Natural Gas Pipeline
Wind Energy
Frontrunner 3
Laying Sod
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Fuel Tank
WISE launch
fish harvesting
Flu Epidemic
Bioavailability of Drug
Fuel Tank 2
Dead Body
Ski Jump
Drug Elimination
Programming a Computer
Motion Camouflage
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Thanks to Brenda Blocker for help scripting videos and Mark Lye for making them.

Shawna Haider                   Professor Mathematics                Salt Lake Community College