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Denver, Colorado - November 2016 

You've Really Flipped - Active Learning at its Best Part 1   (Sorry but with pics and videos file size was large so had to split into 4 pieces)

You've Really Flipped - Active Learning at its Best Part 2

You've Really Flipped - Active Learning at its Best Part 3

You've Really Flipped - Active Learning at its Best Part 4


AHEAD Conference 2016   with Candida Darling and Paula Michniewicz

Indianapolis, Indiana - July 2016

A Model for Change: Building Partnerships to Develop Math Accessibility Guidelines

ICTCM 2016

Atlanta, Georgia - March 2016

Computer Workshop  - Hands On Math Video Making Tips, Trick and Advice  Click here for Files we'll use

Workshop Resources - Useful Tools for Making Your VideosSome Good Links                                                         


STEMtech Conference 2015  with Ruth Trygstad

Phoenix, Arizona - November 2015

Free! Quality Textbooks and Materials That Benefit Students and Instructors  


AMATYC Professional Development Webinar

Calculus Alive! Motivating the Students With Applications and Flipping the Class for Active Learning (recording of presentation) - July 2015


Keynote - UVU Instructional Designers Summit

STEM Online and Other Myths (recording of presentation) June 2015  


ICTCM 2015

Las Vegas, Nevada - March 2015

Computer Workshops (two sessions) - Making Videos for Your Flipped or Online Course More Appealing

Workshop Resources - Tools for Making Your Videos More Appealing ~ Some Good Links                                                         


ICTCM 2014 

San Antonio, Texas - March 2014

Session - Problem-Motived Calculus
Computer Workshop - Making Videos for Your Flipped or Online Course More Appealing

Resources - Some Good Links


Engaging Students Through Critical Thinking and Active Learning

February 2014

Presented at SLCC for Faculty Professional Development


ICTCM 2013

Boston, Massachusetts - March 2013
Pre-Session - Online--Acquiring the Attention of the Wired in Learner
Computer Workshop - Tech Tips & Tricks to Help With Online Classes
Session - The Charge - Increase Success Rates in Intermediate Algebra Using Technology


TICE Professional Development Day 

SLCC Miller Campus 2013

Session - Flipped Classroom


Professional Development Day 

SLCC South City Campus 2012

Session - Flipped Classroom


ICTCM 2012 

Orlando, Florida - March 2012

Good Practice #2 - Reciprocity Among Students - How Do I Do This in an Online Class? 


Highlights from the MCC Math & Technology Boot Camp

What I Did On My Summer Vacation....

Resources -  Virtual Magnifying Glass 
Doodle Meeting Scheduler 
How to set up Ctrl-E for launching & exiting MathType & Other Tutorial Videos for MathType (Maria Andersen)
MathType Tutorials (pdf)


ICTCM 2011

Denver - March 2011

Pre-session - Learning Theories & Best Practices in Online Learning

Pression Breakout Course Readiness & Assessments

Resources - Websites with additional information on topics presented above


Regional Technology Workshop

SLCC March 2011

Best Practices for Classroom Technology Use
Workshop for Students - Tips & Tricks About How to Effectively Use MML, sponsored by Trio
MyMathLab Success Tools


Concurrent Instructors MathXL Training

Video clips on how to get the course materials as well as HW & Test Manager and Gradebook Basics

Basics on Using the Gradebook

Basics on HW & Test Manager

How to Register and Copy an SLCC course



Las Vegas - November 2009

Snipes, Snopes and Snippets About Teaching Online

Maximizing PowerPoint in Your Classroom

ICTCM Summer Camp

June 2009

Some dos and don'ts for PowerPoint

Animation tips and ideas and tips for running PowerPoint

Adding links, audio, and video

Using PowerPoint to make visual connections

Where to get PowerPoints and content and editing tips


ICTCM 2009

New Orleans - March 2009

Online Course Best Practices



Washington DC - November 2008

Online Tips and Techniques - Experiences from the Past Six Years


CIT - League of Innovation

Salt Lake City, UT - October 2008

Making Connections: Tools and Techniques for Online, Hybrid, and Live Courses


Concurrent Instructor MathXL Training

How to Register and Import Homework from SLCC courses

Basics on HW & Test Manager and Gradebook


Laie, Hawaii - April 2008

Versatility in Course Format


ICTCM 2008

San Antonio, Texas - March 2008

Versatility In Course Format--Accommodating Student Needs


Intermountain West Regional MyMathLab Users Conference

Setting Up Adjunct and Fulltime Faculty Training Sessions – What to Cover


ICTCM 2007

Boston, Massachusetts - Feb 2007

Take One Tablet (PC that is) and They Won't Need To Call You in the Morning


SLCC Faculty Convention

April 2006

Learning Through Homework---Can a Computer Help?

with Ruth Trygstad


ICTCM 2006

Orlando, Florida - March 2006

Tips and Techniques for Online and Hybrid Math Courses

SLCC Faculty Convention

April 2005

Tools and Techniques of Technology for Courses Requiring Graphs & Equations

ICTCM 2004

New Orleans, LA - October 2004

Creating An Online Course on a Shoestring Budget




Salt Lake City, UT - November 2003

Effective Use of PowerPoint in Both Live and Online Courses


ICTCM 2002

Orlando, Florida - October 2002

Effective Use of PowerPoint in Both Live and Online Courses


University of Utah Undergraduate Colloquium

April 2000

Air Quality Modeling for Future Growth Scenarios



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